• If you have a key of your own, you can just go in there and take what's yours. If you don't have a key, you can try to reason with her or barter with something you have that she wants. If neither of those work or is even possible, you can sneak it out when she is there but not looking, assuming that you know where she keeps your stuff. Last resort would not be to fight over it, and risk breaking stuff, but to pay her for it, but if you are desperate, don't get gyped in the auction! However, if you aren't willing to take any of the last few suggestions, seek legal counsel and go from there.
  • Just tell her it's over and done and you need your stuff. She keeps things so that she has a reason to talk to you and see you. Find a time when she is home and arrange to go over there... then YOU can get everything you need back and not have to play her games.

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