• Maybe, if your intended victim thought it was real and died of a heart attack precipitated by fright.
  • Maybe if you hit them up side the head with the gun.
  • It may be possible to do some damage: the charge is still powerful enough to burst ear drums and maybe cause eye damage, but in terms of killing, I doubt it strongly. Either way, ammunition of any kind is dangerous and should be treated with respect, blanks or no.
  • it can kill, depending on calibur, and such, and also proximity to the person it can still cause massive concussions
  • yup, you most definitly can
  • Since it's just gunpowder with no projectile, there shouldn't be any reason for a person to die as a direct result of blank ammo.
  • You bet it can ! The "muzzle blast" from a contact wound ( Held Against The Temple ) can kill in a heartbeat ! Guns are not toys and neither are blanks !
  • Two actors died after being shot with blanks: Brandon Lee and Jon-Erik Hexum. Lee was shot by another and Hexum put the gun up to his head.
  • Brandon Lee (son of Bruce Lee) did. a bullet was lodge in the middle of the barrel(unknown at the time) because they used the gun to fire a bullet with no powder. the force of the primer was enough to send the bullet into but not out of the barrel. then a blank was fired from the same gun. The result was the bullet in his head and death.
  • Actor Jon-Erik Huxman died from accidentally shooting himself in the head with a gun loaded with blanks during filming of the TV show Cover Up. That was at extreme close range, of course, and the shot was to the head. The wound was caused by wadding exiting the gun's barrel. Actor Brandon Lee died during the filming of The Crow from a blank, but that's because a piece of a dummy bullet was still in the chamber when the blanks were loaded. It wasn't the blank itself that killed him.
  • yes the most noteable case of accidental death of jon erik hexam un which he shot himself in the temple with blank gun while on the set of the program he was working on october 18 1984 . if they shoot they are potentially dangerous, some learn the hard way, and some never get to learn at all.
  • You could at any range, but the victim has to be a bit dodgy on the heart.
  • If cram it down there throat the right way. Yes.
  • Every Body Can Simply Remake these Blanks ! And easy can kill with plastick pelet or plasteline or something other, or every body simply can modifed blank gun for real gun. REAL DANGEROUS ! " AND EMPTY PISTOL ONE TIME IN LIFE SHOT AS REAL !"
  • Bought a blank gun (starter pistol) from a magic shop once. Used to shoot flies off my desk. YES... Unless the barrel is completely blocked up (rare - the blast has to go somewhere), and most blanks have wadding to help compress the powder. The blast (or wadding) was what killed the flies. That was fun for a while, but also showed ME how dangerous those things can be.
  • Yes. About 15 years ago an up and coming actor was talking with an actress in between scenes. Joking around and probably to impress her he put the pistol (loaded wth blanks for a scene) to his temple and pulled the trigger. The force of the discharge blew a quarter sized piece of his skull through his brain killing him instantly.
  • yes you can! especially if it is aimed directly to the head. It cuts through the skin and can actually go trhough the skull which can either cause brain damage or instant death.
  • Forget all the particulars mentioned above. If you do not know anything about guns and blanks and have to ask...Can a blank kill you? The answer is yes-PERIOD! This answer comes from a person who has reloaded ammo for 41 years and has been a police armor and firearms instructor.The powder alone can blow a hole in your skull,leg,hand or whatever is in line with the barrel of the gun. Also, guns,gun parts,dirt,powder or whatever can blow apart,fly,burn or "kill your dumb ass". Even oil or grease used to clean or lubricate the gun can "burn the shit outta ya". I did not want to get to technical or sarcastic but there is a real danger even with air guns.
  • Yep, depending on where it hit them at.

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