• No, I don't. First of all you have no proof your neighbor is using drugs. Secondly, you just admitted to calling the cops on suspected drug users and your full name is displayed beneath your photo online! That's not at all safe! Anyway here's the info you asked for. You do know how to use a link, right?
  • I would have just minded my own business. If the alarm is going off I would ask why is your smoke alarm going off all the time it's waking me up. But other than that if they want to use drugs for recreational use that's on them. The odds are they'll eventually get caught but it's not up to you to tell on them. Those are your neighbors you rely on them for help in an emergency situation I don't know why you would want to turn them in
  • get them drug tested.
  • Always go by their eyes and if his eyes look glassy or groggy could on drugs

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