• I hate to tell you this but you should have never ever used any of that stuff on your leather vest!! Go and get some Ivory Liquid dish soap and gently wash it all off...put some on a very soft wet cloth and message it in to the leather...don't use too much or you will have a sudsy mess. Then rinse it off the same way with a soft damp cloth. Then go out and buy a Coach Leather Cleaning Kit...I love these cleaning kits and I personally feel that they are the best thing ever made for cleaning fine leather. It is a two step process, first you use the cleaner on a soft cloth then you use the conditioner on a soft clean cloth then you buff it. Saddle soap has wax in it and this will discolor your vest and could make it hard and I would never use "floor" cleaner on it! If is smells of smoke you should hang it out side on a nice cold day, in a safe place that will air it out! Please try the Coach Leather cleaning kit...if you have a Coach store or outlet near you or any store that sells Coach Bags should also sell the cleaning kit! I hope this is not to late to save your vest!! Good Luck!

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