• I never wear my wedding ring because I have the bad habit of twisting it around and irritating my finger. In general, I don't feel comfortable wearing jewelry and people have stopped giving me jewelry for gifts.
  • Yes. I never remove it.
  • Always, I couldn't get it off if I tried. I weighed 96 pounds when I got married (100 years ago), now I weigh a much healthier weight. My fingers put on weight also I guess.
  • I never wear my wedding ring. I used to, but I had to keep taking it off because my fingers swell sometimes. Eventually, I lost it and never replaced it.
  • I never remove my engagement ring and will never remove my wedding ring once I get married in May.
  • I'm not married so I don't have one. But if ever, I would not remove it.
  • Unless I'm putting on hand lotion, it doesn't leave my finger.
  • I always wear my wedding/engagement rings
  • Only when I am in public. Everyday when I get home I take my ring off and leave it on the kitchen counter. I have no idea why I do this..haha. I left it in the bathroom at work one time and the first two nights after we got in engaged I took it off in my sleep and woke up with it poking me in the back! ~Colleen
  • I was married for 17 years and wore it every day. I took it off when I filed for divorce because it didn't mean anything to me anymore.
  • That's a big 10-4..:) And I don't know if anybody else does this. But both my parents are gone and I wear my Father's ring on my right hand ring finger. Haven't removed it since he passed in 1999.
  • My husband has not taken his ring off since our wedding. I however have taken it off close to the end of all 3 pregnancies and wore it on a necklace, just in case my fingers swelled up any more and they had to cut it off!!
  • Used to, but not after divorce. I know a few guys who don't wear their rings because of work. Depending upon what you do, they can be dangerous.
  • I'm not married yet,but when I marry I definitely will wear it all the time.
  • I did until the diamond fell out of it just a few weeks ago:-(
  • Yes I do...
  • I never wear my ring. I don't wear any jewelry. Every time I put it on I play with the ring constantly.
  • yes, I do.
  • I took my wedding ring off a few weeks after the honeymoon and haven't worn it since.
  • Yes I do! I feel naked without it!
  • I only take mine off to clean it. It's a natural emerald, so it takes a little more care than a diamond.
  • I haven't wore mine in months.
  • Except when I shower or work in the yard.
  • Rarely.It can be a nuisance.
  • Yes, with the engagement ring also. I even had to have them enlarged when my fingers got fatter. I do have a special little ring box I made to keep them in the the bathroom, for when I take a shower.
  • I only take it off when I wash my hair, because I don't want it to fall off and go down the drain.
  • i take mine off when i sleep .. I should take it off when working on vehicles and snowmobiles but i dont
  • I used to. But now my fingers swell sometimes, so now I wear my wedding band on a chain around my neck. The band on my diamond is broken and in my jewelry box.
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  • how would you know if a man is married but he does not wear his weading do you guess?
  • Yes, I only take it off to have it cleaned, which is a rare event anyway.
  • I have been married for fourteen years, but never had a wedding ring. It was a 7th Day Adventist ceremony, and they don't use any kind of jewelry at all....and that includes the wedding ring....saved me some money!!!!
  • if i had one... i would never take it off <3 i never take my "family is forever" infinity shaped diamond ring...ever (unless i clean it)
  • yes I do.I never leave home without it. goin on 10 years now.
  • No, because I'm no longer married.
  • Yes I do wear my wedding ring alwaay. I never take it off.
  • I always take my engagement ring off. It makes latex gloves harder to put on. (I am a phlebotomist--take blood for a living) Plus, I didn't get to choose the ring, it's my deceased mother in law's and I feel as though it is not mine. I really wanted my deceased mother's ring, but my stepfather kept it.
  • I don't .I didn't get to pick and I didn't like my wedding.I knew what kind of ring I wanted and didn't get I ungrateful??
  • No. I'm not married anymore;)
  • i always wear my wedding ring because it show that im happy in the relationship im in and its like ur love u get to show around and others get to see that
  • No, I never liked wearing rings of any sort. I wore it for 10 years but then lost it. I don't plan to replace it.
  • I wear it all the time. Only time I take it off is when I'm cooking something that gets it tacky. THen I put it on a ring holder so as to not lose it. I got a new ring a few years back. In it I had put my diamond, my mothers diamond and my grandmothers diamond...all wedding diamonds. I think it looks very nice and reminds me of my mother and grandmother when I look at it.
  • I take it off when I'm going to sleep and put it back on when I wake.
  • No, never like wearing rings but wore it for her. I lost it after 15 years. I don't miss it and she doesn't care. Win-win.
  • No wedding ring here or I would always wear it.
    • Lilo Avli
      Will you marry me ?
    • Boola Boo
      I'm waiting for my better half to scoop me up and the two of us ride off into the sunset. But thank you for the offer.
  • ive never been married but i would if i was
    • Lilo Avli
      Will you marry me ?
    • pearllederman
      i dont even know you but thanks for asking since noone ever does
  • Not since I got divorced.
    • Lilo Avli
      Will you, forget it.
  • If I was married I would always wear my wedding ring, always.
  • ive never been nnarried
  • When I was married, I would have liked to have worn my wedding ring all the time. I have always done mechanical type work mainly on aircraft. Rings are just too dangerous to wear as they can get caught on almost anything. I was working on the same crew on modification of C-130 aircraft. One man exited through the front door of the airplane, He reached up over his head as he departed holding the top of the enterance. Because all the interior had been removed for maintenance his ring caught on the metal above the door. As he stepped down his weight tore his finger off. I also saw a picture of a man operating a lathe reached up to remove some of the metal being cut. His ring caught not only tearing off his finger but also pulled all the ligament out up to his shoulder. Rings worn by anyone working any kind of mechanical work is asking to loose their finger, this includes male and female. Rings of any kind are too dangerous to wear and have caused many accidents.
  • I haven't worn mine in almost 30 years. I have been married for 32 years, and my husband doesn't wear his either. I don't like wearing rings, and I don't need the symbolism.
  • Mmmm hmmm.
  • ive never been nnarried
  • yes, i can't remove it . . cause its too much fit :/
  • When I was married, yes I wore my ring.
  • i did but it got a bit tight so i took it off and replaced it with my friendship ring hubby gave me
  • After being married for 10 years and having two children, I've found that wearing a wedding ring isn't my priority. Over time, I've realized that it's not just about forgetting to wear it but also about comfort and practicality. As life gets busier with children and daily responsibilities, remembering to wear a ring can become less important than other priorities. Additionally, the significance of my marriage isn't solely defined by wearing a ring. My commitment to my husband and our family goes far beyond a piece of jewelry. Our bond is built on love, respect, and shared experiences rather than material symbols. While some may view wearing a wedding ring as essential, for me, it's more about the relationship itself rather than external symbols. So, even though I may not wear a ring, my dedication to my marriage remains strong, grounded in the everyday moments we share and the life we've built together.

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