• That's a stereotype that is often false. Many super-intelligent people are also sociable and well-adjusted -- not necessarily "nerds".
  • i do not believe in that at all.
  • I do no not think that is completely accurate.
  • Everyone uses their brain for different purposes. Let me ask you: How many things can you think about at one time, in one single moment? If you are focused on deep, abstract things, you are probably not paying much attention to the up close and surface issues, let alone the extraordinary people around you. Einstein is said to have noted that a messy room is the sign of an organized mind.
  • Maybe there is too much "noise" in their mind that keeping interested in someone's mindless drivel is a bit difficult. Makes sense to me :)
  • God never distributed intelligence and gifts evenly among his people!!!
  • There are some people who fit this description, but not the majority. I, personally, am the exception to the rule. I have been tested as having a very high I.Q., and I am socially clueless, but one has nothing to do with the other. Even if I was not "gifted" I still would have diminished social skills. I apparently have a little know disorder that prevents me from recognizing facial features and other clues that socially adept people have. It has been discovered in Alzheimer's reasearch and can affect people who are very young. I am also nearly blind and have been nearsighted since birth, which might explain it.
  • Not at all. I have several intelligent friends who aren't what other would call "geeks". They excel academically along with social skills. They have several friends.
  • It depends on what part of the brain is overactive - I think those where the math sections are wide open other areas of the brain tend to be more closed - i work with dozens of math geniuses and none of them are what i would consider social - but is that nature or nurture I am not sure
  • Harrison H Schmitt and John W Young, two of the USA's true over-achievers both Moonwalkers on Apollo and both towering intellects are renound for their lack of social skills, in fact Schmitt was thought by his crewmates to be almost entirely socially void and did nothing but work, eat and sleep.
  • Sometimes true. Sometimes not. Usually the super geniuses have a real hard time around people though.
  • I don't agree with that. I think social skills are based on personality and not a person's level of intelligence.

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