• A year is the time it takes for the Earth to orbit the Sun once :-)
  • Julius Ceasar revolutionized and pretty much created the "year". so really a guy that has been dead for a few thousands of years causes it.
  • The earth fully orbits around the sun.
  • The "pull" of the sun pulls the earth around the sun in an orbit, depending on where the earth is in orbit, the earth either gets closer, or further away from the sun - when we are closer, we have summer and spring, when we are further away, we have winter and autumn... or fall of you are american. at least this is how i understood it!
  • When the earth has completely rotated once around the sun...365.25 days has past. When the Earth rotates around the Sun 4 times "leap year" has happened. "Leap Year" is when there is an extra day in February. There is an extra day in february on "leap year" because 365.25 + .25 + .25 + .25 = 366 days.

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