• at a young age. probably around 4 years old to get into the pros. some of the kids have natural talent, and some need alot of practice. but, a lot of the pros started around 4. but, many started youger and older.
  • Training for those who have both inclination and aptitude should begin as early as possible. pacing is important as is knowledge of developmental abilities and limitations. A good coach will bring out the best athletic qualities while still allowing them to be kids when they need to be.
  • I agree with the answer by petrusromanus. Kids who want to play tennis seriously and badly should start at the youngest age possible and take lessons from a pro coach. Doing that will give you a huge boost when you are at a older age. You will have more experience.
  • Pro's start early thats for sure. But look, don't start your kid playing a sport trying to turn them into some kind of pro athelete. If they like the sport and want to keep playing then let them and maybe then they will turn into a tennis pro. But you can't make the kid like tennis.
  • 3-4 years ld I think would be a good time,
  • The sooner the better, then they can start bringing home the bacon and earning their keep.
  • at an early age, i wish i had stuck with tennis when my mom tried teaching me when i was 3. it was harder to learn at 11. i didnt have the patience when i was little, yet i still dont have much now
  • At a early age. Federer didn't start till he was 6, and didnt start private coaching till 10.

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