• Yes you can! With proper installation, tile is installed on cement board. Depending on "make up" of cement steps. (smooth finish,are there nosings?,etc.) it could be a task, but it is possible! Call a local tile supplier with ALL details of steps, measurements, etc. and they can tell you in more detail, with the help of YOUR details...
  • If the stairs are very level and square you can but it's not the easiest thing to do, tiling stairs. It's one of the most difficult places to do well, so that the stairs re level, flat, square, and don't crack with people going up and down them. One tip I can give is use smaller tiles. Do not be tempted to use large tiles unless you are going to mud the whole staircase over again.
  • my concern would ceramic tile can be very slippery especially if you are coming in from outside with wet shoes

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