• In the current politically correct climate in the UK, nobody is allowed to say anything about anyone at anytime ever.
  • You are right, people should try and have respect for diffrent cultures, gays and christians are just people both of which recieve much persecution wich is normally not deserved on an individual level. I think alot of people just hurl insults at words like christian and homosexual or athiest and forget that there are people behind those words who might be hurt. Both of theese partys are making statements beacuse they believe that they are RIGHT, niether of them are beacuse RIGHT is relative to who is defineing it otherwise we would all be killing eachother (oh wait we are). If you really have to hate people at least hate them beacuse you know them and believe that you have a good reason, then maybe you will understand how foolish you are acting. We will never agree, we might be able to get along.
  • I completely understand what you are saying. As a christian, I feel that my religion is mocked more than others. But I'm sure that there are people from every faith, or lack thereof who feel the exact same way. Christians aren't the only ones who are mocked for their faith.
  • Well lets look at it this way. How many deaths is the gay movement responsible for?
  • What's weird is that there's Christian Gays. What to do now?
  • You are right, NOBODY should be mocked but unfortunately the strict religious people are the ones who bash gays & atheists
  • We might have some terminology confusion. Gay-bashing is a hate crime - physical violence against a person because of their sexuality. It is a felony and generally carries a prison sentence (unless a bigoted judge oversees the case and injects prejudice). Saying "anything you want" about anyone is, within certain constraints such as the laws of libel, exercising free speech - I think that's in the constitution somewhere.
  • It's not okay. Anykind of bashing is wrong. If we are going to keep this planet alive we are all going to have to learn to accept each other and get along:)
  • There's more than two standards, there's dozens of standards, and they shift and change by year, but cultural subsegment, by region, age group, etc. It takes a lot of maturity and intelligence to criticize something fairly... it's not that easy to do well. The temptation to go overboard and generalize too much is very strong. Good criticism is like surgery: you need to slice exactly to the tumor without damaging the healthy tissue adjacent. It's no surprise that many people can't do it well, and even those who are good at it screw up sometimes.
  • Anytime you believe or feel differently than the said "group" you are mocked. First of all, in what "group" do you relate to that feels it is "okay to say anything you want about a Christian"? What is the old proverb---sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Who cares what others say about your beliefs? What truly matters is what you think. And as far as gay bashing, I agree it is stupid. But then again so is prejudice.
  • I agree, It is completely unacceptable to say anything bad about anyone. I personally have problems with serial kitten drowners, but I keep my mouth shut as to not offend the kitten drowning community. In fact, you should avoid saying positive things about people as well, to avoid accidentally offending them. Hell, let's all just not say anything to each other. It would be so peaceful if no one talked.
  • Unfortunately, "political correctness" has re-written so much, including the meaning of the word tolerance. If we practiced tolerance instead of political correctness, then everyone could be respected and have dignity, and we could once again have the open public forums our country was built on -- where everyone can openly express their opinion in a respectful way, but in their OWN way, nevertheless. But people are being brainwashed into believing that words are bad, and opinions or beliefs are even worse. That disagreeing in any way shape or form is "bashing".
  • You argue good. No hard feelings I hope.
  • To the negative point givers... I don't mind disagreement. But really? Unhelpful? Move on. Or leave a reason, grow a pair.
  • It isn't ok to say anything you want about a Christian. I think personal attacks and bashing people is disrespectful and rude. However, that doesn't mean that one cannot question and disagree.
  • there's no reason to bash on christians, no reason to bash on gays, no reason to bash on muslims mormons buddhists lesbians blacks mexicans whites etc etc whatever they are that you're not. it really isn't okay
  • Life is full of double standards. lots of which we choose to ignore.
  • It's not a double standard. Christians can choose to be Christian or not. Gay men and women cannot choose to be straight, in the same sense that people do not choose to be black, white, Latino, Arab, etc. If Christians are serious about their faith and their beliefs (which is a CHOICE), they should be able to withstand criticism. If I chose to not wear pants to work every day, I would expect people to make fun of me for it, even if my reasons were very serious and personal for choosing not to wear them. Good question!
    • Jadlyn
      Suggesting someone should be able to withstand criticism because of the choices they make, ie. being a Christian, does NOT excuse the mocker of bad behavior or intolerance. While one may disagree with the choice of a group of people it demonstrates a lack of character when one feels they reserve the right to criticize/mock the group. Asking constructive questions in an effort to understand is acceptable and respectful behavior
  • I think if "Gay bashing" is wrong then "Christian bashing" should be wrong also! And if people CAN "bash Christians", then they CAN "bash Gays" as well!!! There are all different types of people-Gay, Straight, Bisexual, Christians, Atheiests, Pretty, Not so pretty, Skinny, Chubby, Tall, Short, and so on! U could keep on going- but the poeple who "bash" sertain poeple are obviously not that type so its there opinion and theirs only!Of course if some1 doesnt like gay people their not going to be gay theirselves, its all JUST THEIR OPINION and it is NEVER worth upsetting someone! Do u see what i am saying? And of course, ur not being a jerk-it makes sense!!!
  • No, no, you make a good point and to be honest I am guilty of doing that too.... Its not right!
  • "Bashing" of anykind isn't good.
  • I will get to the point ... bear with me for a while . IF YOU WANT TO GO DIRECTLY TO THE RELEVANT ANSWER PLEASE SKIP TO THE 5TH PARAGRAPH ..... I too believe in freedom of speech and tolerance . But again what does one understand by freedom of speech . Does freedom of speech give the right to criticize some one ? Does it give us the right to verbally abuse someone ? What I believe freedom of speech should be is this : Any person has the right to express his opinion on any topic or any person for that matter . But provided that he does not insult other people . What I mean is , for instance if I were against homosexuality , I can openly say so . I can even publicize why exactly I think homosexuality is wrong . ( I could argue that it is against nature . It is not the way we are supposed to be ) . I could do all those things but I can NOT initiate a personal attack . ( I can't say that all gay people ******* ). Now that is not your personal opinion , that is an attempt to hurt someone's feelings . By freedom of speech , I understand a right to express oneself or one's opinion but not the right to hurt others emotionally . If you think about it , there IS a difference . In your mind you might have opinions about certain things . But when you actually insult a person or a group , you are personifying your negative opinion in form of insult . Same applies to the case mentioned here . It is NOT okay to insult any individual or group . ............... READ FROM HERE ........................ Now homosexuality is a relatively new issue . So there is fresh awareness and stricter rules . ( After a lots of protests and demonstrations ) . But coming to anti Christ insults , they are not new . People are desensitized about the issue . Think of it .... when in the news , a fresh scandal comes up , there would be lots of people protesting and demonstrations would be held against it . But as time passes , the issue would cool down and somehow , people wouldn't care much if the guilty is punished or not . hope this helps . Comments and suggestions are most welcome .
  • I think it's because Christians aren't minorities. That makes a load of difference.
  • In the past saying something against christianity was equivalent to a death sentence so I guess it's like testing the air. If you can say it and not get stoned to death we truely have become enlightened.
  • Good question. Gays don't deserve what they get, but I do believe the "High strung (Usually hypocrites)" Christians who treat the non-believers like trash deserve every single thing they get thrown at them.
  • There's quite a difference between being gay and christian. A religion is something you choose. Sure, some people are raised to believe in it, but you can quit anytime you want. Being gay isn't. It's something you're born into. Also, most gays, or at least the few I know, don't expect people to be like them. They don't think that because THEY are gay, everybody should be so too, and should have the same values as them. However, a lot of Christians do that..
  • What does the God of the Bible have to say to that? In case you aren't familiar with the verse I'm referring to, here you go: "If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before *it hated* you." - John 15:18 (KJV) True believers are not supposed to try to fit in with the world. That's my interpretation of the verse anyway. Here's another one: "No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon." - Matthew 6:24 (KJV)
  • No, it's not double standard, on the contrary. See, the ones doing the gay bashing are the Christians to begin with. Wouldn't it be hypocritical of them to expect gays to turn the other cheek instead of doing unto others, etc. etc.?
  • I agree. Just as it is wrong to bash people who are" "stupid" "fat" "ugly" "democrat" "republican" "Muslim" "poor" "homeless" or any of the derogatory names that some seem to think is okay these days.
  • Bashing anyone is not wrong. Comedy is all about bashing one group or another. It's about not overstepping the bounds of taste or inciting against one group. Bashing Christians over their peodophiles or war record is comedy gold as is bashing the mannerisms of gays. There is no "double standard" as both are permissible under freedom of speech. Muslims get a lot of bashing their way. Most of it is simply playing up to the ignorance people have about Muslims. But no comedian will ever demand "something be done" about one group or another as that is not what bashing is about.
  • Yes, its a definite double standard!
  • Double standards are acceptable to the intolerant.
  • It does sound like a double-standard to disrespect a certain Religion, although it's nothing new. Christians are known for turning the other cheek. Meaning, they are known for taking insults. 1 Corinthians 4:12-13 "We work [for our living], working hard with our own hands. When we are reviled and verbally abused, we bless. When we are persecuted, we take it patiently and endure. 13 When we are slandered, we try to be conciliatory and answer softly. We have become like the scum of the world, the dregs of all things, even until now."
  • All negative speech is destructive and we should avoid all unruly and injurious speech, it is full of deadly poison (James 3:8). Everyone who chooses to voice their hurtful thoughts will be held accountable for their words in due time (Heb 4:13). I just try to focus on bridling my own tongue, despite the actions of others, as I do not wish to become like those who use abusive speech to tear people down.

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