• It depends on the case: When you are seeing the doctor, If you are in your periods, the doctor can start you on the standard pill provided otherwise normal If you are having irregular periods or have missed periods and are in a sexual relationship with someone, the doctor will take a pregnancy test
  • In my experience and that of everyone I've spoken to, generally the answer to this is no. They will however ask you to confirm that you aren't pregnant, and are unlikely to be- essentially how you answer this is left up to you - if you express any uncertainty the doctor will generally ask you to take a pregnancy test before writing the prescription to avoid possible foetal damage. Generally if you haven't had unprotected sex in the past few months, you'll be considered pretty safe.
  • The doctor will usually ask you if you want a pregnancy test, then depending on what kind of birth control you are being perscribed you might even have to go for a physical.
  • Probably not. Id say the requirement for a pelvic exam is higher.

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