• They did the best they could with the resources at hand. Do I wish quite a few things had been very different? Definitely.
  • It seems a bit irresponsible, as there were almost no rules once we made it to like junior high. But somehow, they turned out three law-abiding, sober, responsible people. I just don't understand it. We had way more freedoms than any of our friends did, and my brothers and I have always been respectful and responsible. I guess they set rules based on what we did wrong, but we never really gave them a reason to not trust us to act as we should. I would love to know the secret.
  • Great. They are wonderful parents! The key was always having a safe place to communicate. That led to trust on both sides. I was and still am empowered to make my own decisions without fear of having them be judgmental. . .I am happy to say that supportive is the norm. They weren't drug or alcohol abusers. They did not force their religion on me (I was free to decide). I am not narrow minded and was never encouraged to be. In short. . .I was and am very much loved. So, I feel pretty good about that. Great question.
  • I think my mom does all she can. Couldn't really ask for more from her. But my dad.. he was never really there for us. Or there at all. When we did go to his house to visit, he was never there. & Still isn't here for us. We never see him & we don't hear from him on holidays/birthdays & he only lives 40 minutes away or so. He's got a new drug whore staying with him (at his mom's house) so he's happy.
  • amazed, happy, sad (wish my parents had more time to see that I turned out mostly normal)
  • No complaints. None at all. I do feel bad that I did not always measure up to their expectations. I try to now, though they are no longer here with me.
  • They didn't have a clue how to be loving...or supportive.
  • yes, im completely proud about how my parents raised just sorry about letting them down a few days ago... they handled it pretty well, but i still feel ashamed.. :(
  • I think they tried their hardest to raise me to be a good person and for many years I have always let them down. In fact during certain years I really let them down when I met someong online and left my marriage and my kids just to be with this man. Which I know now was the wrong thing to do then. I only wished I had handled the situation different. For that I didn't hear from them for about 4 years.
  • I feel very grateful for the set of values that they instilled in me. They taught me how to be happy without having a lot of material possessions. I am very easy to please in this regard to this day.
  • I am grateful for my parents for a number of reasons. They were both good people who did the very best they could to raise us - with very few parenting skills acquired from their parents. It was my mother who instilled in me my love for writing and my belief in myself that I could do anything I put my heart and mind to with everything I've got. It was my father who instilled in me the value of kindness, and through his example, that sometimes the truth need not be told in order to preserve someone's faith in the wonders of the world. My father never turned away anyone in need of fathering, and while he'd had a vasectomy soon after my birth, the girl who was born to his second wife never knew he was not her biological father. I think Dad would have throttled anyone who cleared up for her the truth surrounding her conception. : > They've both passed, but I think they both touch base with me, with Mom providing writing prompts. Dad drove one of those car transporting trucks, and when I need him, I'll see one of those trucks - sometimes in very odd and unexpected locations. It makes me smile, and I always say, "hi Dad."
  • They completely dropped the ball and were miserable total and complete failures as parents. I don't blame Mom, since I didn't come with an instruction manual...but that douchebag dad of mine is now raising a "replacement family" and is doing/not doing the same crap that denied my sister and I the meaning of family in the first place. I certainly did not learn how to be a parent from them...only one of millions of ways not to be one. I have no business ever being a parent myself, and feel it is my highest moral obligation to end my part of my dad's contribution to the human gene pool. Thanks dad. Are you dead yet?
  • They tried their best. They put our needs ahead of theirs. On the negative side, they were too over-protective. They never encouraged me or pushed me to live up to my potential. No parent is perfect. I was very lucky to have parents who cared so much about me.
  • I'm in the military what eles can i say!
  • I think they raised me well. Growing up my family never had a whole lot of money, still dont, and would never let me take a lot of things for granted, even electricity since it has got shut down on us a couple times. I truly understand the value of the dollar, and a hard days work. I am very thankful of this because as i look back and look at other people in my life who had everything handed to them, not understanding this concept, i realize how much better off i have become because of it.
  • I think my parents had it really tough. My father was almost a paraplegic..he had an accident that left him with a broken back, hip and leg when he was 35. He was in body casts for 3 years and died a number of times and then the joints all fused and they tried to rebreak them with only partial success. I never remember my father not being in pain. However, I believed that we grew up in a normal environment..there was a lot of love in my family. My parents certainly tried their best for me ..and I think that says it all.
  • They are doing a pretty good job. I just wish I was allowed to date and chill with my guy friends more..... I don't really like hiding that I have a boyfriend. I want to see him more.
  • I feel my parents did a screwed up job with me beings that my father was never their and my mom was on drugs..Technically i raised myself...

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