• Good advise-in the long term. But lets be honest here, a 110-140 pound woman is not going to stand much of a chance of stopping a 200+ pound man, unless she's had years of practice it's that simple. I would suggest a tazer or something of that kind, a weapon which will get her a real advantage instead of "leveling the playing fields". edit: apparently I'm "insulting women" by caring about a womens safety and advising her to carry a weapon such as a tazer, so my I add right here to make it clear. I do believe these classes are effective, however a couple month course in a *classroom* area will give you only the knowledge you need, not the experience. I am saying do not just rely on a classroom course, instead take precautions if you are really that worried.
  • Great advice..women in the U.S should do the same. :)
  • Fantastic advice. Women all over the world should learn how to defend themselves.
  • Perhaps they should take a two prong approach and work on integrating some anti-rape teachings into the male schooling. But a trained kick to the groin can't be a bad place to start modifying behavior.
  • Well, the idea itself is not bad, indeed I believe that women should have some king of defense method. But realistically speaking, not a lot of women would have "bools" to stand against the guys anyway.
  • I think it is a wonderful idea. My daughter (and my husband, btw) is a black belt in Taekwondo and it makes me feel a lot better about her safety. Basic self-defense courses are also very useful if a woman can keep her head in an attack situation. It does NOT matter how much of a difference exists between size and weight. A few basic moves made by a woman with a clear head can save a life.
  • yeah good advice

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