• I thought you just emailed the link, not embedded the video. In that case you'd just go to the browser bar at the top, and copy the link to the page the video is on. e.g.
  • when you have a youtube video pulled up, you should see a like to click on to email video...then a box pops up for you to type in email addresses. I'd have to verify that when I get home. The internet nazis block us from pulling up YouTube at work...
  • Hon, I think it was for me and I got it...made me almost cry...thanx/DbD/xox
  • First you watch the video entirely than to options appear on each far up corners of the video and they say:shar-replay.You click on share and immediatley a blank field pops up just like this am tyying at with space for e-mail address ans so on.Very Very Simple.:-))
  • If you are trying to copy and paste the embed code make sure you get the whole address. Left click on the code and run it along to the end and stop the cursor and the code should keep on coming. The code will end in the word 'object' like it starts with. Just practice and you'll see how it works. Or as everyone else has been saying use the share option at the end of the video.
  • If you want to embed a YouTube into an email, it can get a little complicated. Remember, there are TWO SIDES to an email transaction. So, you have to make sure that YOU can send it and you have to make sure that YOUR RECIPIENT can receive it. I don't want to make your head explode, but suffice it to say that if you send a YouTube to someone in Gmail, they have to have a GOOGLE LABS feature turned on to see it. However, for example, if you send a YouTube from Yahoo! Mail to someone with an offline email client like Outlook or Apple Mail, then it will work. Argh - right? Anyways, the best way to figure it out is to check out a service like Lizzer ( that will let you embed your YouTube where possible in webmail. What's nice is that Lizzer lets you find general YouTubes or just search your own account. It also works in major blog systems too - sort of handy. Hope that helps!

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