• That you used "I'm DESPERATE" is telling. I would hazard a guess that you will not "fall apart' without him. Imagine this: (disclaimer - this is going to be harsh - work with me) imagine he was suddenly unavailable, as in, shipped off to Iraq, married someone else today, or died. What would you do? Guess what, many of us have had exactly those experiences (my husband died) and we managed to keep it together, build successful lives, move on, grow, get better and indeed - not fall apart. Work on whatever is in you that will make you a better person, and you'll find love - not with him, but with someone who loves the improved you. I promise. It works.
  • To tell you the truth it kind of depends on what EXACTLY you did... but I'm a guy and unless its REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY bad, guys never really hold things against people. especially girls. so i would say that its definetely possible to fix things up. (guys don't really give that kind of thing too much thought. they don't really pay too close attention to what anyone is wearing, or what their hair looks like or anything else along those lines.)
  • It depends on what kind of relationship you had before you scared him. Did that relationship grow out of you wanting to be with him while at the same time his impression was merely platonic? If that is the case and you really want him back as a friend, I would appologize stating your feelings but letting him know that you would rather have what you had rather than not. The other, rather shallow, rational is what is your physical and social status in comparison to his. My gut is let it go and realize your mistake so as not to have it happen again.

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