• I keep them in a secret cache on my hard drive.
  • I do have some, yes. I have mixed views about it.
  • nope. I sold what he didn't take and as for the pictires... they made great starters for the fire.
  • Nope. It's better to get rid of those types of things so you can move on.
  • Hell No!! everything she leaft behind went into the trash or down to the second hand store. But about a year or so after I did run across a picture of us in my wallet that I had forgotten about. I threw it away also.
  • I do have a lot of this type of stuff.. for memories sake..
  • I did But when I got married I trashed them.
  • I used to when I was younger. My mom called the shoe boxes I kept the things in "the coffins". All those broken hearts :) I keep all of my pictures, so I have plenty of those. Gifts I kept, but I do not classify those as mementos. I torched my wedding dress and everything related when I divorced. Very theraputic. I still have a few mementos though. A book of poetry that was written for me, a hand carved ring box shaped like a castle (carved by my boyfriend) that once held a beautiful antique hematite ring, an R.E.M. t-shirt, and an Air Force flight suit (obviously, he was a pilot) to name a few.
  • I have alot of photos.You never know when you'll need a dartboard!
  • yes i do... it get hard at times when i look at them pics but its this weakness that im trying to overcome and im not going to give in so im keeping the pics. ^_^
  • I have love letters from my first love back in '72 or '73 somewhere in my garage. They are scented and when I by chance come across them the smell takes me back to when I was 16.
  • I have a few momentos but nothing that is totally related to my ex's mostly post cards and such of places we had been together (I collect them) As for jewelry... almost all of it was sold shorlty after the divorce.
  • I keep mine, just b/c were not together anymore doesn’t mean they weren’t a part of my life at one point.
  • A lot of the stuff from my ex-husband is gone, but I still have the jewelry box he made me. It's dead useful and I can't bear to part with it!
  • Got rid of the mementos, gifts, etc. But I kept the pictures. They're in photo albums stored away in crates in the garage.
  • Nope ...I don't :-)
  • Not unless it is a picture of me and her on a trip in front of some sort of monument. I want to keep the memory of the trip, but not her.
  • Of the 3 relationships I have been in I have letters cards pictures etc that I saved from just one. It was the last one I was in because she was the only one who ever truly loved me and to this day I treasure those special memories. Sometimes on a special occasion like my birthday or Valentines day I will take out a card she gave me or a letter she wrote me and carry it with me when I go to visit her. I then will take it out at some point during my visit and read it to her as sort of a way to relive the happy times we shared together prior to her tragic and all too soon death.
  • I am a sentimental fool. I have boxes of stuff left over from previous girlfriends (receipts, leaves, Christmas cards, photos, you name it). But once I settle down with Mrs. Ghostwriter 13, all that stuff goes bye-bye.
  • I trashed it all, except the pictures unless it had no significance. The bad thing is the “star I gave her” I see it almost every fricking night I go outside!!!
  • I did when I was a teenager. Oh Boy !!! Did I ever grow out of that quickly !! I decided that when it's time to move on, you move on !
  • i have some pictures of my high school b/f i had for 4 years and then my other b/f of two years stored in my mom's garage in boxes. Nothing I go and look through. Plus I live with my b/f so i made sure to clean up all the ex's before i moved into his house.
  • i have his pics, and i saved his texts too... when time is right, and i will be ready to move on and let him go, then i will delete them.. but for now, im going to keep them, until my heart says, get rid of them.
  • I burned them all when I went crazy the second time.
  • I didn't save any momentos, but I did save some photos, which I recently gave to my kids as they are all grown and out of the house now. Had I not had any kids with the X, I would have tossed the photos, too.
  • I did. I probably still have 'em somewhere.
  • I just put them away. I don't hate him. he was part of the history of my life.

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