• Well, one cigarette can lead to addiction...
  • It's like the tootsie roll tootsie pop...since you can't go back and un-smoke a cigarette to find out how long you'd have lived without it, "the world may never know".
  • A very rough figure is that each cigarette takes as much time off your life as it takes to smoke it. About five minutes a cigarette. Statistically speaking - only half of all smokers die from the effects of smoking. Toss a coin - you *may* be the lucky one.
  • for each cigarette you smoke you lose about 10 minutes of your life. Add on hypertension, cardiac problems, gum problems, and just plain smelling horrid it might add up to a faster death.
  • everyone had different answers for that question. me i quit almost 2 years ago. and i would say to anyone if you havent started then please dont.

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