• i dont know. when i went on my first, "date" i paid for most of it and he paid for a lil, so i dont really know
  • I personally think that it doesn't really matter who pays, as long as someone does or you both do.
  • The boy does, regardless of what day and age it is today.
  • I think it should be the person who asked for the date who pays for it. If a girl asks a guy out, the girl should pay. If the guy asks the girl out, the guy should pay.
  • Well in this day and age I will go out on a limb and say, the one that asks the other out on the date should pay.
  • To be fair it probably should be whoever asks should pay. However to be realistic it's normally the guy who pays, nothing wrong with it, just the way it is.
  • maybe the boy but it depends. Kids dont have money so it always depends. I usually had more money than my high school b/f so i paid. I think even for our first date
  • for it to be romantic i would say the boy would
  • The girl. She worked and drove before I was old enough to do either.
  • The rule is whoever does the asking is the one who pays. Every fourth date the girl should pay for a date. And every time the guy pays for a meal the girl should get her wallet out and she should say allow me to handle the tip and then leave the tip. She should not sit like a lump on a log and say can I leave the tip just go for her wallet and do it. At the movies she should tell him she will buy the popcorn.
  • it probably depends on the person since everyone is different

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