• Works for me.
  • Yep... Thats how it's suppost to work it's all on faith!!!! :)
  • You have to have more then just faith. You have to use your faith, and live the best way you can. If you believe in Christ, but are a mob assassin, etcetera, and you are killing loads of people, then even if you have faith, your actions and deeds are not reflecting your faith. That's my answer.
  • This sounds supsiciously like preaching. This site is for asking questions and finding answers, not converts.
  • Yeah I never understood what the concept was on how he died for your sins. I've read the new testament, and Jesus doesn't talk about dieing for you sins. From what I got, he died because he realized that if he made this known sacrifice he would be a martyr and his word would be guaranteed to spread. Now if you go into Gnostics, then it is a whole nother story...
  • Christ didn't want to die! After all, at 33 he was practically a kid! Remember that he hid in the forest until he was picked up by the cops on account of Judas's treacherous behavior. He hid because he didn't want to die! The truth is that Jesus, a great man who wouldn't hurt a soul died on account of being grossly misinformed and perhaps a tad naive.
  • This person's question was "How will you know your soul will go to heaven'? And he or she was correct by their answer. By trusting that Christ died for your sins, was buried and rose again the third day. That is the Gospel and that is the only way one can gain eternal life in heaven. I see that works was mentioned by a couple of people as well as some other unrelated subjects which has nothing to do with the initial salvation experience. Works comes "after" salvation, not before.
  • Yeah, I know what U mean, people with High I.Q.s seem to almost be Handicapped cause they always want to DO SOMETHING ELSE TO HELP!!! So like if it's not the case, what have U Lost??? Is it really so Hard to follow the Golden Rule in treating people as U wish to be treated like Christ said??? Or is it the "Faith" that requires U to have to "Trust Someone"??? Well, I'll wager that 90% of our readers here can't explain "Electron Theory" but that doesn't stop them from getting all "Stupid" here now using "FAITH" in something they can't "See or Explain" now does it??? John

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