• Well it sounds likes ur bunny was rather quite nervous with the trip hoem and the new surroundings. Then she got used to her home and rabbits around 3 or 4 months of age- if they are not spayed or neutered are territorial Just because she may feel liek u are an intruder in her space and is just trying to tell you-" hey this is my place u cant come in here"Dont forget- rabbits are preyed on ion the wild so they instinctively are worried about predators. In time she will get used to you and your habits. You cannot put another rabbit with another one for they will fight because they are so territorial. If you get your rabbit fixed then it usually takes away all aggressive behaviour along with spraying. The best thing to do is let your bunny come out on its own. If you are feeding her then gently talk to her while you do it but i woudl suggest getting her fixed in the next couple of weeks.
  • DO not invade a rabbit's cage as that is their space. They are territorial. It's as if a stranger came to your home and tried to do things with you. You would fight back. Other than reaching in and getting the rabbit out, you shouldn't be in the cage when the rabbit is there. Do all cleaning and petting with the rabbit outside the cage. Also if you let your rabbit out by herself, do not force it back in. Treat her cage as her home. And don't rush the rabbit. Let her get comfortable with you. Take her out of the cage or ask her to come out and then pick her up and go for a cuddle or a 'sit with'. Rabbits actually don't like being held very much. Most rabbits just like sitting on or near their person. Holding makes them feel like a predator has them for evil purposes. SO loosen up the hold unless you are carrying them. Remember that rabbits have a fear of being off the ground so keep them close to your body:-)

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