• i was gonna say too "obtuse angles at 90.... degrees to 179... degrees..remember, an obtuse angle is not 180 degrees!!!!! that is called a Straight Angle
  • abtuse or obtuse? An obtuse angel has 91-179 degrees...if you have two of them, you also have to have two acute angles. Then there are a million things you can have! You can have a diamond, a parallelogram, a trapezoid, etc.
  • obtuse angles are angles that have degrees from 91 to 179.
  • Well, they're two obtuse angles... I'm not aware that there's a mathematical term for such a thing, especially with no more information given regarding their relationship with each other. Sounds like the intro to a joke. Pair of obtuse angles? Obtuse pair? Obtuse duo? An open duo? I'm no good at these.
  • You mean obtuse angles. An obtuse angle is less than 180 degrees but more than 90 degrees.

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