• It's like a normal party just with table around the edge of the room. You have to decorate with lots of ribbons and stuff to look classy and then you invite people and tell them its a masquerade ball, and they come dressed up! I really would like to go to one, they look so fun in the movies like The Phantom of the Opera, well until the phantom arrives. lol. You would have to decide if you would like it to be formal with classy masks or less formal with halloweenish masks. Either way it could be fun.
  • Pick a theme (not just masquerade) first - that will help you chose your menu, venue and decorations. Lots of masquerade balls use dark colors or bright cheerful colors, metallic tones, harlequin themes etc. Food should be small, bite sized only (hard to eat with a mask on!) There should be open spaces and a dance floor (by definition, there is dancing at a ball and usually some sort of ceremony or presentation or "event"). The rest really depends on why you are throwing it and how large and what you want to accomplish.

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