• It really depends on what you're meaning here. If you're meaning the Modernist movement in art and architecture well, there's a lot of it I like. Modernism began in late 1800s / early 1900s and has pretty much taken over the world and was a well needed kick up the back side for aesthetics (and pretty much all other areas of our society as well). If you're just meaning contemporary art and architecture - some I like, some I don't like. I actually love lots of modern architecture - the big statement pieces. (But again, there are always ugly houses being built.) And there is also lots of modern art that I like - very thought-provoking, very skilled. Though of course there's always rubbish getting produced - bad architecture, bad paintings, bad novels and poems, bad sculpture, etc. But that's no different from any other era.
  • "To the architects and builders of greater Miami, Thank you for building another mind-numbing, stupid looking EYESORE. If you keep up at your present rate, you will be able to fill up the beach with them. Well done ! " -- Peter Lavetti, artist and photographer

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