• Relationship is not illegal. Sex is another matter and it depends on where you live. Check out
  • I believe that a three year age difference is permitted, at least here in Ohio.
  • Depending on the state in which you live I would say yes. Michigan you would have your very own prison number and felony record. Just out of curiosity, I have to ask - what could a 18 year old woman see in a 15 year old boy? How much can you have in common with a child? Girls mature faster than boys and boys well, they don't - so what could it be?
  • relationship is a broad term...but to put yourself in that position could lead to problems; even if you were not having sex and a parent decided to intervene for whatever reason~i'm afraid you would have a hard time getting people to believe you; it may not be fair but that's just the reality of it.
  • It depends what kind of relationship. Suffice to say, you won't get in any trouble if you both keep quiet. The law's a cruel thing. I know a woman who used to be a teacher in a primary/high school when she was 20. She had a for-all-intents-and-purposes sexual relationship with a 15 year-old student. To this day, she hasn't had any trouble over it because they kept it quiet at the time. Do you honestly think it harmed anyone?
  • If your going to have a sexual relationship then yes thats illegal,and also immoral why would a 18 year old woman want a relationship with a 15 year old boy!!
  • i think that is wrong! now illegal i would hope so! Come on what would a 18 year old girl want from a 15 year old lil kid? That is sick in my mind!
  • The beginning of my answer is in form of a question. Who exactly asked this question,... and could it be a form of entrapment? Most know, according to women and other experts in this field, women do mature faster than young men. In this case, women should know the answer, without putting themselves in the limelight.
  • A relationship with no, but sex with, yes its illegal.
  • if no sex no its not illegal but if your going to have sex dont tell anyone.
  • If ur having sex with him, you could be sent to jail
  • It's not illegal to have a relationship, but if you have sex, he could later claim rape and you could be sent to jail. Best not to risk it just in case the relationship goes sour. I don't know what an 18 year old and 15 year old have in common anyway.
  • Even if it is illegal what guy would claim rape against a girl he is having sex with? I'm actually fifteen and I've been messin around with an 18yr old . It's awesome. :)

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