• Tell her that if she can't let go of your past than your going to let go of her.
  • OH my gosh ! me too! i dont know what to do either. i usually just ignore him and tell him to get over it, i feel bad about it too so why should he make me feel worse. good luck !
  • I think you need to find a virgin and keep her in the dark about your past.
  • Get rid of her - you don't need to apologize for a life you lived before she even existed. Take it or leave it.
  • Since you can't change the past, you should be happy you can change the future.
  • She has a very bad security issue within herself. Telling her day in and day out that she is loved and beautiful isn't going to touch her issue. You deal with it by simply avoiding the conversation whenever your past is brought up. If she insists on dwelling on it you might need to move on ... without her.
  • You know what she really wants? Truly? Deep down? She wants your life to have been empty and meaningless until she came into it and all of the girls who came before to be but vague wispy shells of people who exist only in theory. The frustration she feels that she is taking out on you is that none of that can possibly be true. And that is so damn damn damn damn frustrating. It's a confidence/self-esteem thing. And quite frankly, her issue, not yours. I know, because it is my issue, too.
  • Having a tit for tat argument doesn't resolve anything, it just exacerbates the situation. Your past is your past and you can not change it but, you can learn from it. This is what you need to convey to your girlfriend. If this is unacceptable to her, then it will never be resolved. Remind her that we are humans and we are not infallible.
  • Well, you know what they say.."if you keep bringing the past into the present, you'll have no future" her to get over it, or get out. No one is without SOME 'past'.
  • Tell her you live in the now, that's all that matters. Look forward to a better future. If she wants to stay in the past, she will do so without you! But you would love for her to join you in the next 100 yrs!!!!!
  • short and sweet ...dump the cow now!!! she is making your life a misery now ...think what its going to be like in the future .... finish it because she's making your life hell about things that happened when you weren't even going out together ... she has problems so don't be a fool and take them on ...piss her off and let her wallow in them her self
  • tell her how unattractive it is to be a nag while yall could spend your time being happy if all she wants to do is this she should do it with somebody else because if she does not stop it will only get worse look it already has give miss low self esteem miss jealous bossy head an ultimatum these are people you were with before her so she either let it go or let you go honey I personally think you should run for the hills upward get it best wishes

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