• I'm sure they love someone!
  • I think they feel love but it is not love as normal people experience. Their feelings are blown way out of proportion and normal feelings as we experience are just very different with them.
  • Whether they do or not, it's impossible to tell just from the fact that they've killed multiple people. The only thing that being a Serial Killer necessarily denotes is that the person has the ability to kill, other than that, it doesn't tell you much about the person at all (Except perhaps that you shouldn't accept their invitation to an indoor bar-b-q in their unfinished basement next weekend).
  • People kill for lots of reasons. I'm sure plenty of them do it for reasons other than because they hate everyone.
  • no. I think they have the ability for what they might think is love, however what they feel is power and control, not love. A serial killer would be considered a psychopath. A psychopath doesn't have the ability to differentiate between things like, flower, house, god, rape, murder. Where as a normal persons thought would change hearing the words rape and murder in the above list, A psychopath doesn't have that ability, they look at all of the above as the same.
  • Yes there's no one who can't love
  • I think they love themselves because most of the don't feel like they deserve the punishment for the acts of violence they've done to their victims. They love themselves enough not to want to die I guess you would say.
  • Not in my opinion, no. A serial killer is a person whose emotional development stopped at a very early age. The only emotions serial killers feel are curiosity, rage, a sense of power, then powerlessness, and fear. There's no room for love in hearts and minds full of depravity and poison. Serial killers thrive on manipulation and control. Gary Ridgeway, the Green River Killer, "carried his son's photo in his wallet to lure most of his victims into his pickup truck." IMO, anyone who could use his own child for something so...monstrously abhorrent is incapable of loving anyone or anything. Think about it. For more, read "Evaluating a psychological profile of a serial killer"
  • Yes, I do believe they love. If you have personal knowledge or experience then you will also believe they can. Killing can for some.. become .. ah how can I type this... it will read totally outrageous but it is true.. killing can become addictive. A high. They become desensitized to the actual act for the thrill of the power. This dehumanizes parts of them sure but their inability to love? No, sorry but love is stronger and more powerful than any other emotion in my opinion. A person who kills for the thrill .. has stepped over the boundary of humanity as far as the value of life but that does NOT mean that there will not be people in their life that they will not try and con or want to change for, because they love them.
  • It depends on their psychology and why they kill.Take a sadastic serial killer for example.They torture,rape,ect. their victims for the sense of power they obtain, but in rare cases,some have been known to fall in love with their victims to a point they actually free them.Despite the fact killing other people didn't bother them at all.Serial killers who kill for money usually kill people close to them such as a spouse,parent,sibling,ect. and only feign love to get close to the induvidual so they can take out a policy on them or be written in their will.Still they can love someone to the point they abandon their attempts to kill them.Other serial killers kill merely for the rush of excitement they get.However they can appear to be perfectly normal on the surface and even have a wife and children they truly love.In all cases of serial killers ,however, as in some regular people,their is a way for them to literaly not be able to love.In some rare cases, the part of the brain that allows people to love dosen't function and most serial killers do have this condition so they can not love.It is not possible for them to form any emotional bond.So some serial killers can not love at all, and some can.It all depends on the way their brain works.
  • ...yes.... They're still human, no matter how inhumane they act they still have the basic emotions of love and hate.
  • Ken tells me they can. And Ken (a friend of my husband's, and the top seller of murderabilia in the world) speaks with more serial killers on a regular basis than anyone I can think of.
  • It would depend on whether or not they are sociopathic. If they are, then no, almost by definition... If they aren't, then yes, they would just seem to be inclined against it.
  • No, any psychologist will tell you that a serial killer doesn't have the abilty to love because he is either a sociopath or psychopath. He can mimic human emmotion as he needs to, but he can not actually feel it. And he has no ability what so ever for empathy for others. To him a person or an animal is an object to do with as he pleases not a living creature with feelings.All he cares about is feeling powerfull and in control and he gets the biggest "buzz" by killing. (And if you're woundering why I'm using "he" it's because most of them are men.)
  • The "Iceman" said the only people he ever loved were his family. He seemed dead serious when he said it, to me.
  • In my opinion, they only love killing.
  • yes, they love what they do

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