• As soon as there is no more frost in your area, sow seeds and put in some plants, that way your garden won't look so bare until the seeds sprout. The plants should not be tall ones to start with, as the seeds will need lots of sun and water just as the plants do. Choose ones that are small but will grow bigger later in the season so the seeds that sprout will fill in around them.
  • I always start a new garden when the frost is over....and always add a ggod potting soil mix to the ground to help with new growth. Use small potted plants mixed in with seeds...marking the area of your seeds...and water regularly until growth takes hold. Always read the info on your plants and seeds too...some do better in full sun than others...some require more shade. The best way to learn really is by trial and error. Have fun!!
  • I have to admit - I'm a lazy gardener: I always start with the 2-3" plants. But, we don't have a good winter frost in Florida... and a lot of herbs require that winter chill to sprout in spring... so really, what choice have I got, right? ^_^ And planting season is different depending on which zone you live in... I live in Zone 10, which is pretty tropical. I should have started my garden already, honestly. The other zones go by the last expected frost of the year. Don't want to freeze your shoots if you're not supposed to.
  • Me, I have tittle patience, stick to ready stuff from grass to plants!
  • I would strongly advise you get "the Llewellyn Moon Sign Book',...this is the BEST advice on when to plant, will learn many many valuable tips on gardening, to be sure!!!!.......any bookstore will have it or go to their site..........and this was a roundabout way of answering your question, huh? LOL......but DO get the won't be sorry!!!!!!!!
  • It's based on what you'll like to grow. Soil perforation takes time and should be started long before you get ready to plant your preferred crop or crops. The next thing to look at is how much time and space are you willing to devote for this Garden? What are you thinking about growing?

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