• spanish word but i think it refers to an outlaw from the old west time period
  • Desperado ('desperate' in Spanish — this is an old and now incorrect usage of the word, today desesperado is the right word) means a person who cannot wait for something to happen, and sometimes may recurr to violent or reckless actions.
  • Œdes-pÉ™-ˈrä-(ËŒ)dō, -ˈrā-- One who needs to come to their senses. Who's out riding fences. A hard one. One who's not getting any younger and who'd better let somebody love them before it's too late. La la la...
  • No it wouldn't although it's all matter how you say it, BTW it means outlaw, bandit.
  • not if they belonged to a motor cycle gang!:):)
  • desperado n. , pl. -does or -dos . A bold or desperate outlaw, especially of the American frontier.
  • Great question, and you have some great answers. However in the song he is calling the other guy a desperado because he only thinks of himself and won't let anyone love him. He's not calling him that because he's "an outlaw". They are using an old term to mean something new.

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