• One day, but that's also cuz I had a little Yay with it
  • 24 hours, sat on the couch all day. drinking water an advil, usually if i take advil b4 i go to bed the night b4 i dont really have a hangover
  • I once went to a boss's party where the champaign glass was kept full by the servers. I had a terrible headache the whole weekend, and went to a doctor on Monday. When he found out what I had been drinking, he laughed at me and said go back to bed, and drink plenty of water. I was able to go back to work by Wednesday.
  • I had one that it took about three days to completely recover from. I was severely dehydrated from it. Gatorade helps. Have stopped drinking since (it doesn't mix with meds).
  • 3 days and I threw up the whole time...I got really sick...
  • My worst was after my 27th birthday. A legendary night! We started on the spirits at about 1pm and did not stop until 3am a full 14h later! It lasted 2 days and I could do absolutely nothing!
  • The worst hangover I ever had was from drinking A LOT of Taaka Vodka. It lasted for almost 3 days. I was throwing up for the entire first day of it.
  • Toilet Hugging and it lasted for 2 days -- Sober now for almost 2 years , thank goodness -- + 5
  • 2 days. First day was spent throwing up and wretching really hard until stomach acid came out, nice! Thought I might die! Stoopid amount of cocktails = painful kidneys and no memory!
  • Too many really bad hangovers to mention. I started years ago by doing this "Hair of the Dog" thing. It worked for a few years....then Alcohol and every other mood altering substance stopped working for me at all. I went to rehab in 2000, 2001, 2003 and 2004. I haven't had a drink since November 2, 2004 and regularly attend AA meetings. When you drink Alcohol, you are putting Poison in your body....simple as that.

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