• Put some cotton in an appropriate-sized box. [I'd recommend one made with sturdy materials, with sturdy sides to protect from being crushed.] lay down the pringle chip so that the cotton SUPPORTS the shape of the chip. Then add more cotton on top of it. Make sure to put in enough cotton at all sides to insulate against shaking and rattling. [test it first by rattling the box, dropping or kicking it real hard and checking the chip afterwards] When satisfied, seal the box and send it off. I chose cotton because no amount of shaking or rattling will make cotton move once it's packed in right.
  • But it in standard (hard) correctional lens container (or something like it. Then fill it halfway with tissue/paper towel. I think that would work. Haven't tried it. Toss it around a bit and see if it breaks. :p
  • Method 1) Get a small sturdy box and fill it with paper and packing peanuts (those infinity symbol shaped styrofoams). Method 2) Somehow get some rubber bands or other elastics around it so it can be suspended within the box without actually touching the sides....I actually want to try this method now... :)
  • Start your own mail delivery business. Lay the pringle on your passenger-side seat and drive it to the destination, and hand-deliver it FIRST CLASS. Simple but effective.
  • I would say, to stuff an empty Pringles can halfway with the softest toilet tissue you can find. Then put the chip in vertically, and gently place more toilet paper around the chip, then fill up the rest of the can gently with toilet tissue. May not work, but it is the best I can think of atm!
  • Put it in a plastic bag, fill with air, and seal. Then blow up a dozen or so baloons (or plastic bags) and fill a box with them all, the pringle bag in the middle. You can tape the baloons/bags together to insure the pringle bag stays at the center if you feel it's necessary. (I happen to know it's not really necessary, hint hint.) This can be done in a box about 24x24 inches, mail via UPS. This isn't very creative, but it's a good way to pad a chip reliably without a lot of heavy padding which could cruch the chip.
  • Build a small mold. Build a small rectangular box with stiff waxed cardboard and tape. Make it so that it is just slightly larger than the chip - in all three directions. Lubricate the inside of the cardboard box with some vegetable oil. Then, to make the mold, pour in just enough liquid plastic (a bottle of "Weld Bond" glue makes a nice firm clear plastic when it dries) to cover the bottom of your rectangle. Then, while that part is drying, take one chip that will be destroyed as part of the construction process, and light a candle and drip a thin coat of wax all over the chip. Place the waxed chip on the dried plastic in your rectangle. Pour more liquid plastic untill the waxed chip is completely submerged. Let it dry. Take the plastic bar out of the rectangle. Then, with a razor knife, cut the plastic carefully 3/4 of the way around the edge and remove the waxed chip, leaving a formed space for a "good" chip to be placed. Put a chip in, close it up, put a cardboard lid on your box and tape it shut ... put the whole thing into a preaddressed and stamped bubblewrap "full sheet size" envelope and mail it.
  • Wow! That's quite a feat! hmmm...if it didn't have to be edible, it would be easier...hmmm... You could stick it in a bag with a bunch of peanuts (the wrapping kind) then put it in another bag with more peanuts...keep doing this over and over and over and over and over and over again. Then put it in a very hard box and write "FRAGILE" on it. Good luck!
  • Make small mound of Great Stuff expanding foam, quickly cover W/ plastic wrap then press 2 or 3 pringles into plastic to form prigle shape in foam. Allow to harden.Then cover with more plastic wrap and more foam. Allow to harden. You now should have two seperate pieces with a pringle shaped space between them. Trim outside to fit into box of your choice. Seperate and install fresh pringle, tape halves together and place in box.
  • Yeah, I have an idea, go to Walmart and buy a small Jewelry box, a Pringles chip should fit snugly inside. Get a small ring box, they are satin lined and have cushioning material, these small boxes are durable and can survive a lot of abuse. Good luck.
  • Put it in the middle of a big box that's filled with packing peanuts and bubble wrap, leave it in the can and fill the inside of the can with paper towel or something so it doesn't slide around and break!
  • Did anyone say it has to get there in one piece? Did anyone say the envelope couldn't be in something else? Did anyone say that you had to use the regular mail company, i.e. couldn't deliver it by hand? I'd love to know what the exact assignment was, word for word. Can you put it in the comments?
  • Soak the chip in water until limp, then carefully flatten the chip. Go to your art or paper supply store and buy a thin sheet of styrofoam. Cut the foam to fit the envelope, cut a hole in the foam the size and shape of the dried chip. A touch of glue should hold the chip to the envelope inside the hole in the foam. The envelope etc. should still be light enough for regular postage. Make sure the chip is centered in the envelope and the foam is thicker than the chip. Mail. Might work?

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