• Fubar and Gertrud
  • well there have been allot Apple, Coco, Timber Strange, Harry Balls, shall i go on?
  • I have not heard anything worse than Latrine. Some other names might be harsh or old-fashioned, but being called Latrine is a huge embarrassment to live with.
  • According to the book "Freakonomics"... . . . Someone named his/her child "Sh*thead" (pronounced shi TEED)...:-P...
  • A boy named Sue.
  • I knew a girl called Juliette Allcock.
  • Aquanetta. There are also several "Sal Minella" listings in the local phone directory;)
  • I worked for one day at the State Adoption Agency in Baton Rouge, filing papers. I saw one unfortunate little kid named, "Shitra" My mom taught second grade and there was a little girl in her class one year named "Pajama", pronounced, Paja-may. Her mother read it in the Sears catalog.
  • I worked with a girl whose neighbor named her daughter Takka Vodka. I had a client who had several kids and she named the last four XuXa (shoo sha), Fawaz, Shabaz, and Color DePage Green.
  • Jean Nate. Like the beauty product. Tambolina. Maybelina. Shithead. (pronounced Sheh-thEEd)
  • I am a teen girl, and for some reason, my mum calls me Frank (thats not my name). eg:"can you set the table please Frank?" "Sure Bob" It's like a running joke. Once she called me Frank when we were in a shopping center. Needless to say, we got odd looks.
  • Agnes.
  • It doesn't sound very bad but I saw a man telling his story on TV about how he delivered his baby on his own car. He named her Maverick, after the car's model name. She was lucky that his father wasn't driving a Volkswagen! There is another weird one: A guy was named Usmail. His mother read the name from the Postman's delivery truck. Now the very, very worst I have ever seen for us in Spanish speaking countries and territories has to be the last name of the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame. We are lucky that not too many or almost no news come from Rwanda these days, because there is no nice way to pronounce that name in Spanish. I can't picture a news reporter keeping a straight face or not laughing while pronouncing his name. It doesn't matter where you place the stress on the name, on the first, the middle or the last part of the word. It sounds as bad in Spanish. Basically it means: "Defecate on me", but the nasty, bad or vulgar way: "S**t on me" or "Throw s**t or spread s**t on my clothes or body" Now...that's bad!
  • My own name would have to be a runner-up, at least: Texas Winchester.
  • oh wow......I say mine is the worst(but i could be biased:P) shithead--------but they pronounced it shi-thay-ed. Is that not horrible? I wish I was lying but every word is true
  • that Soleil Moon Frye girl you know punky brewster.. I loved punky brewster just not her real name
  • I was in Macy's one day and there was a little girl, 4 or 5, walking down the makeup counter and saying, "That's my name, that's my name, that's my name..." over and over. And then her mom walked up and grabbed her by the arm and said "Let's GO, Clinique!" I swear it's true.
  • my aunt delivered a baby named shithead pronounced (shi th ayd)
  • Genitals. It was a little boys name at a daycare I used to work at.
  • I know a woman named Lesbia
  • moon unite zappa 1970's rockstar named his daughter that. I also think i heard my friend george georges
  • I could pick a lot of bad names from fairy tales, Pumpkin Seed, Pumpkin Vine, and Rumplestilsken. Agh, could you imagine if anyone ever actually had a name like that? Agh! *shivers*

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