• I once knocked over a stack of 45 RPM records onto a turntable that was playing a song on the air. Only people in three states heard my mistake.
  • I once wrote a bug for a microprocessor-controlled power system. The system was supporting an Intel chip fabrication plant in the Philipines. When the bug went off, so did the power... interrupting the operation of the plant and causing a half-million dollars of damage to chips in the process. The bug was one line of code that had a less-than symbol instead of greater-than.
  • I was the buyer for the Thanksgiving season for the first time in the south. I ordered lots of chestnuts, canned oysters, bread crumbs, celery, sage and sausage for stuffing recipes. I did not order any extra, cornmeal or corn bread mixes. I am from the north and had never heard of corn-bread dressing. Needless to say our competitors did very well that season.

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