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  • Have you ever made a work of art that is done in Peru? Sorry, my spelling is awful but the word makes me think of "mandible". However, mandible is your jaw. But, if you can follow my instructions, you can do this. Take a black felt tip pen, a pencil, crayon or whatever is your preference for drawing is. Make a design with lots of curly-q's. The "S" shape is a good choice. After your design is complete, color in the areas. Doing this with one or more people makes it more fun. Do you have a brother, sister or friend who would spend some time with you? You can alternate who makes the design, too. Remember people "doodle" differently and that's what can make this so unique. Then, each person is given color(s) and they keep and use those through the completion of this project. Everyone colors this doodle one section at a time. The end result looks like stain glass.
  • When you got your tonsils out did your voice go nasel at about 10 days after your surgery. I mean... really nasel?
  • I agree hang with us at AB, although you could play viedo games or crosswords. get a bell and ring it everytime you need something(Abuse it), Send text messages. Breakup with girlfriend or boyfriend, you won't have to explain yourself(for now!)
  • how bad did it hurt... i have to get mine out and im young im terrified of surgury anything i should know to prapare for the surgury.. and after the surgury

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