• No, just big slobbering dogs
  • No they are big and slobbery, but very smart and affectionate.
  • As a breed, no, they're not vicious. They are enormous, though, so if an individual dog is abused and becomes vicious, it can do a *lot* of damage. That can happen to any dog, regardless of breed. For that reason, some communities may have stricter laws governing St. Bernards and other large breeds.
  • I've never considered them vicious, at all. My dad had one, she was a huge baby.
  • No, quite the opposite. As a breed, their disposition is very mellow. Each individual dog has to be evaluated on it's own, since how they are raised makes a big difference. I always caution dog owners to remember that any dog can accidentally cause damage because of their instinct.
  • It depends to their owner.
  • NO, they are not known to be vicious but then again, most dogs aren't. It's the people who own them and either make them that way or let them get that way by not being a good pack leader. Plus they are a breed that was used to work with people, helping them and finding lost people. Why would you let viciousness get into your breed if you need a good working friendly dog?
  • St Bernards are a dog known for having quite a gentle temperament. Most dogs are gentle if the are properly trained and treated well
  • I had a Saint Bernard that i rescued from a man who threatened to shoot him. I took him in, and it was evident he had been abused. To make a long story short, he was a sweet pup, but as he grew older he became vicious and wound up attacking my wife. He unfortunately had to be put down. I tell you this to emphasize the importance that people have in making animals the way they are. My dog was wonderful, with the exception of those rare times when he became vicious. Nonetheless, he was big enough that he could inflict massive amounts of damage in a short amount of time. I can tell you right now that my poor baby was the way he was because of abuse, NOT naturally. And for the record I have never known a St. Bernard to be anything other than loving and affectionate big babies...when raised properly.
  • I've actually read that St. Bernards are actually very gentle.
  • Cujo! No they are not like that dog. They have a very nice temperment.
  • I just met my girlfiend's neighbor's 9 month old pup St. Bernard (Big puppy...95 pounds). She's a sweetie....(my girlfiend's not bad either:)The St. Bernard played with my 8 week old 9 pound Keeshond pup and was fine although she did step on my pup a couple of times. They were just playing and mine was actually more agressive
  • Yes, they will rescue you weather you like it or not.
  • i would hope not
  • I read in "The Complete Dog Breed,Book" St. Bernards are a very gentle dog breed. They were breed as rescue dogs. I hardly think a viscious dog could be trained as a rescue dog. I would figure they would be trained to help. A woman I know in the apt. building owns one and its one big slobbering baby.

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