• There probably is some cultural aspect to this, but not one that I've ever been made aware of. Curiously, it's a British stereotype of Americans that they eat with their mouths open! (A stereotype - I'm not saying it's true!) Here in Scotland it is also considered rude to chew with your mouth open (and in the rest of the UK). I personally think it would be better for the open-mouth chewer to be told directly by someone they know well: "You're a visitor here. A standard rule of etiquette is to chew with your mouth closed. It's more polite."
  • My boss is 35 years old. He chews with his mouth open and even talks with a mouth full of food. I don't watch him eat to often.
  • No the person you ask will be offended-they probably know they are doing it and don't care. Chewing with your mouth open or talking with your mouth full is universally considered rude among people who are taught common courtesy and manners. Be direct and tell the person to chew with their mouth shut, a little shame at being told to do something so simple might help them to not do it next time. The only culture where I've seen this as acceptable are ones in the middle of a jungle that don't wear much for clothes.
  • I don't think there is a polite way of saying it. If you sit with one who does it, you can bring up a conversation, when not eating or chewing, as to how aweful people look when they chew with mouth opened or how it is not proper. Maybe they will take the hint.
  • I fucking CAN'T STAND when people chew like that. Here's a polite way to give them a hint. Tell them if they want to chew like livestock then to go to the farm. Sorry for my anger and obscenity, this is one of my biggest pet peeves.

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