• Not definately many intelligent people have no humor at all, but people with a sense of humor are normally quick witted which requires intelligence.
  • i put it in the firest
  • does laughing at fart jokes have to do with being smart? nope.
  • YES!!!!!!!!
  • not necessarily, though with some humour (word plays etc) a degree of intelligence is necessary. However, one thing I must say is that humour is cultural. Just because someone does not laugh at your joke does not mean they are less intelligent, especially if they are from a different culture.
  • Making people laugh requires great intelligence, timing, and grasp of communication. so bite me... :D
  • I would think so. Look at the...unintelligent beings in the world...they don't have much a sense of humor.
  • I believe it is, yes, because one has to understand at a deeper level in order to appreciate the juxtaposition of things in what is deemed humorous. We laugh at the incongruity of things so we have to have knowledge about various topics before we come to appreciate the humor when things are out of place in an interesting way that makes us laugh.
  • Yes, its hard to make people laugh than ,some may not think its funny.
  • I think it can be a sign of a thinking brain but it doesn't denote ho wmuch intelligence. There are humorless people of all levels of intelligence. But compared to animals, I'd say that yes it is but you can be funny without having a sense of humor.
  • Yes. Serious people are dumb.
  • Absolutely. You have to be intelligent to be clever enough to know what others will find funny, to sense how they are reacting to your humor, and to understand humor.
  • Since i have an acute sense of humor minus all the poor timing which is a lack of intelligence on my part, I must concur that it most deffinitely is a key component here. If we can't laugh at ourselves and the world around us, it will start to eat us up and soon enough being able to deal with changes in our environment will be too difficult to cope with. Thankfully we are each blessed with an innate sense of humor which is really a survival instinct if you boil it down. I have Comedy Central as one of my favorites for my TV remote because I never have enough comedy in my life amidst all the drama that pervades it at every turn. Levity = healthy living.
  • Not necessarily, but it is a part of social awareness, which can enhance one's intelligence.
  • yep...i would say

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