• Why do you want him back? He sounds like he has issues. I think you should keep your distance and if you truly care about him, refer him to a professional for help.
  • When someone is going through depression they don't always see things as clearly as someone who isnt. Why did he break up with you? The question is, will he come out of his depression on his own? It almost sounds like this has happened before they way you stated: "once he comes out." A person that is depressed doesn't think or see things rationally and sometimes won't admit they even have a problem. He needs to seek professional help. Hopefully he will be willing to do that. I would try and contact someone close to him in the family if possible and make sure they keep an eye on him and possibly even discuss professional help for him.
  • I'd move on if I were you - he sounds like a no-no to me. Get somebody happier - it's much more fun.
  • I hope he go to see a Doc about his depression. Isolation is not a good way to solve a proble. Whether he will come back depends on his re-thinking and what he faces. He has to conclude what he needs. Need time to tell. See if others can help.
  • I think he already realizes this, although he may not admit it. Is that all he's doing? Withdrawing from everyone important to him, or is there more?

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