• No, you need something nondescript. Black or blue would be best. But if you need to steal a car your fucked anyway, cause GPS will find you within an hour. Best to have your own car parked outside with fake plates on. Rob, drive off, switch plates fast. Paint over as soon as possible. Yes-I have actually thought this out.
  • too big, it'll stand out.. you don't want to stand out!
  • I don't think I could handle shifting all those gears. The size of wouldn't draw nearly as much attention to me as all the grinding of the gears.
  • A semi would work if you think that you will have road blocks to break through. In order for a quick get-away, you need to carry less cash (one bag) and use a motorcycle instead of a car. A motorcycle provides you with speed and maneuverability, along with the ability to take you someplace quickly in order to switch into a car. A car to a car switch is more commonly thought about, a motorcycle to a car is less thought about. Plan this out.. drive your motorcycle to a motorcycle dealership, park outside of the dealership and jump into a regular car, something that has plates but aren't personalized. Contact me and I'll tell you about the bank in my city that has been successfully robbed three times in the last 5 years ;-)
  • Scooter, if you plan on robbing a bank, make sure you have my # with you so I can come bail you out
  • Sure...If you want everyone in prison to laugh at you. It is too slow and kind of sticks out. I hope you are not asking for advice.
  • Oh yeah..that would be the perfect getaway vehicle. Big, usually company logos plastered all over it..onboard tracking computer a take off speed of about 3 mph...perfect. LOL..funny question. ;-)
  • I'd go with this;)
  • no try a caddilac
  • What's a semi. Are they road legal in England.
  • depends where, just chose the most common car around i would. usually black, four door saloon right?? i have no idea because the most common car over here is not that, it is probably some terrible looking motor that has had its day and if u wer to rob a bank with it, the suspension would break when everyone jumps in with the bags full of money! lol i dont think a semi is a good choice even though it is difficult to stop - but thats all it has going for it!
  • I'd go with an M1A1 Abrams Tank. You WILL need to rob a bank just for fuel.
  • LMBO !!! That would be the pink polka dotted elephant in the room for sure ! I'd use an extremely fast & highly maneuverable crotch rocket motorcycle for the intitial get away, dump it and switch to a vehicle ( Without Lojack, On Star or GPS) then probably make another switch later. Great question !! ;-) +
  • A semi would the very last choice, for a getaway vehicle. Too slow, too big and easily recognized. I wish all bank robbers would use semis. They would be easier to apprehend.
  • try a squad car.
  • Get the motorbike :)
  • No Scooter and please reconsider the choice if this is what you are thinking. LOL jk
  • I have to say, there are better ways to make money.
  • Modern day bank robbers don't need a getaway. Nowadays banks are robbed from the inside. It's called a bonus system.

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