• Not really. You need skills to use it, just like the assault rifle and the other weapons. It sucks it multiplayer though. Before you even pick it up, you'll probably get sniped by some camper.
  • I haven't played Halo 3 much, can't afford it. But it's my personal oppinion that in most shooter games, dispite what anyone says, no weapon is "cheap". If anyone can pick it up, and use it, its fair game.
  • the spartan laser is only cheap if you consider a sniper cheap. it takes skill to time the shot. the only gun i consider cheap is the rocket launcher, which i do not pick up on principle. if you want a gun that is completly underated use dual spikers :)
  • I dont think it is any more unfair then the sniper or the rocket launcher. Plus with the sparatan laser you have to wait a few seconds for it to charge up, which gives your opponent a lot of time to kill you. also, when charging up your opponent has the ability to see when your aiming at him, so he has time to get cover before you finally shoot it. So to answer your question, i do not think it is an unfair weapon.
  • No it's not. Now stop being a sore loser and go back and play the game. I mean Jesus what more do you want? The damn weapon takes a few seconds to charge up and during those few seconds the person you're aiming at can see that you're aiming at them! If you can't get out of the way then it's totally down to your own lack of skill not the unfairness of the weapon.

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