• Use a scanner!
  • Scooter's scanner is one way. Or you can go the old timey way. ( Why back in my day...) You just take an optical picture of the photo and use the negative to make more prints. A profesional photographer, especially one who specializes in 'Commercial' photography will have a copy stand and a camera that will make a negative the size of the original photo so as to make a cleaner copy. A portrait photographer will also usually have the larger camera, a largeer portrait studio is more likely to have the copy stand set up. Grab your yellow pages and call around. Actually back in my day we went to a guy who had some soot and berry juices and a blank space on the cave wall.
  • Well, you can use Scooter's scanner or notmrjohn's difficult to read, technical, and expensive method. OR.... You can take the print to your local Walgreen's or any other standard drugstore/grocery store photo section and they will make a duplicate print for you from your original picture. They can even, EGADS! Enlarge it for you! :) Simple answer: Yes.
  • I am computer chalenged and am trying to find out how to copy existing photos via scanner printer
  • Any time I need a copy (my cameras are all digital) I put the picture on the scanner of my printer and press the button to print and there it is.
  • If you've got a high-resolution camera you can take a picture of a picture. Or you could put it in a scanner and print out a copy that way.

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