• There aren't bad years for dom, but 99 is considered a good but not great year. The 99 vintage is also considered a good but not great year for the whole champagne region. You might try cellaring it for a few years and giving it a shot then. Also 96 is supposed to be a great year for dom.
  • As the first answer states, there are no bad years for Dom. My problem with Dom and Cristal in general is that people buy today and drink tonight. These are big, powerful wines that really need to be aged to be worth what you spend on them. They're good now, but you aren't getting everything you are paying for. If you could find one (and afford it), the one to drink is the 1990. The equally special Champagnes for drinking soon after purchase are the Multi-Vintage Krug and the Bollinger RD 1996. Paul 67 Wine

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