• According to : "Hotel managers are generally expected to have some form of postsecondary education. Community colleges and universities offer diplomas and bachelor’s degrees and in hotel and restaurant management, as well as hospitality and tourism. This type of education is the most direct route to managing a hotel. Graduates from these kinds of programs can often find work as trainee assistant managers right out of school, and then work themselves into the top spots over time. An alternative educational path is to take business or financial studies at college or university. This makes the applicant attractive to potential employers as hotel chains are looking for managers who are professionally qualified in accounting, budgeting, planning, cost-control, or finance It may still be possible in certain situations (usually smaller, independent hotels and motels) to become a hotel manager without formal postsecondary education. This is usually done by starting out in an entry-level position, such as front desk clerk or housekeeper, and then slowly working your way up through the ranks as you gain experience. However, this is increasingly rare. To obtain an entry-level position at a hotel, most establishments require at least a high school diploma. Part-time or summer work experience at a hotel is also helpful."
  • No, the general manager at the hotel I work at did not complete a degree. However, they did have some college experience. It seems that work experience is more helpful in this field.
  • No you don't. The school that I go to has a Hospitality and Tourism degree and it's a technical college. You can get a technical degree in it and go into hotel management. We have students who have done it.
  • You can go to a secondary/or vocational/or trade school for that line of work. Im sure the more expensive hotels would want someone who has a college degree but...other than that if you want to work at your nearest Super 8 then all you need is a certificate...
  • in this age, you need a degree to handle a management position

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