• It somewhat impresses me, I have a stick shift and my mom can drive it, but my sisters have a lot of trouble with it.
  • If it did, I would be smart enough not to risk my life by mentioning it.
  • Id be more impressed if she could do that 'drift' driving round corners... oh yes v sexy, a woman that can handle a car.
  • "Driving" a stick shift and driving a stick shift are two different things to me. If they can do the latter then I may be impressed. Then again some gals just grew up around them. I will say that some of the girls I know - if any of them learned stick I'd be highly impressed.
  • In the UK, virtually everybody learns to drive on a stick-shift, and probably more than half of the are on the road are stick-shift. It is therefore totally trivial and unimportant to be able to drive one. It would be a negative not to be able to.
  • I taught my son to drive on a stick-shift car. What makes you think being able to drive a stick is unique to men? Did you have trouble with it? It's really no big deal you know!
  • I would hope it doesn't surprise or impress many men. My mom hates driving automatics. I grew up in European sports cars. Mom always drove an E type Jag and drove it better and faster than my dad. It never would occur to me there was anything special about driving with a stick. Women have been driving, and driving well, for decades.
  • No, I am not so easily impressed by such a small thing when I have seen woman do so many things that are much more demanding. I am glad to see that driving a stick shift is not a lost art here in America where so many cars come with an automatic transmission.
  • It impresses me more when somebody drives an automatic and never does an unnecessary emergency stop by trying to depress the non-existent clutch.
  • Women of "today"? Yes. It's not really that I'm impressed. It's more that I'm disappointed by those who cannot.
  • sort of mesmerizing...
  • Bollocks. So women are really that ditzy/dumb that we can't drive a car properly?? Men should be ostracised for their speeding.
  • I find it sexy
  • I learned to drive on a stick and I've never owned a car with automatic transmission. I wouldn't want to. I prefer the superior handling and control that only a manual transmission can provide. If they would only bring back 4-wheel steering! I miss my prelude.
  • These days, I am mildly surprised when ANYBODY can drive stick. Oddly, I know more females that know how to drive stick than guys!
  • Actually, it surprises me when I hear some kid (male or female) say "Oh NO, I can't drive that, it's a stick shift...!" Ugh, I hadn't heard that one until I moved to the USA...
  • It makes no impression on me at all. As I've said in other answers the vast majority of cars in Europe are manual transmission.
  • Frankly, I wish more women would get over their intimidation at the idea of driving a manual transmission. My wife and daughters can run sewing machines without stitching their thumbs (I can't do that), but will they even try to run a manual transmission? Nope. To answer the question: Why shouldn't they be able to do it? They actually are supposed to have superior ability in the realm of "fine motor skills". Anything that involves hand/eye coordination should easily be within their ability.
  • I don't give it second thought.
  • No reaction. I don't know why a woman would not drive a stick. I mean: I've known a few who strongly preferred automatic, but of course there are men that are the same.
  • Almost every woman I know who drives can drive a manual gearbox, I can only think of one who can only drive an auto so no reason to be surprised or impressed.

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