• he says we will be married, but then scoffs at any ring and their price (even a cheap cheap hundred dollar one) he sends out mixed signals and it is so confusing.
  • Ask him. =o Or wait until he maybe surprises you. *shrugs*
  • Ha-ha. I think he scoffs at the ring as a joke. I think this guy really digs you. The real question is, do you really dig him back?
  • Hard to say since different relationships are different. On the one hand, my wife and I were living together for three years and romantically involved for far longer (we met while I was in the Navy, thus the disparity) before we tied the knot. I must admit that I did not propose though. It was more one of those things that we decided that since we loved each other and wanted to spend the rest of our natural lives together, we may as well get the tax break.
  • I will suggest some thing, think of it carefully. You are a person of great understanding for your age. That is part of your personality. Try to maintain it come what may. Never force him for marriage even if you have to live a life time with him. That way you will earn more spiritual virtue. That will be the highest favour you can ever give him in terms of spirituality. That will make a fairy in real life, and he will be indebted to you for life. Assume that your marriage is already made by the divine. And never look for earthly marriage.
  • I wouldn't be surprised. But give him time, don't pressure him. Guys hate that. A lot. Haha.
  • I guess I don't see why he is waiting or what he is waiting for. YOu already live together so why not be married. If you are both positive that you love each other and want to get married, ask him why the wait. If you don't want to wait anymore, it is almost like placing yourself on hold, let him know. OR tell him you need to know what you are waiting for so it will be easier for you to do.
  • I would guess he will, just wait patiently. Maybe he is waiting for Valentines day!!! :)
  • Don't count on that. Instead enjoy the relationship as it is right now.
  • I don't think so. Just aks him to get marry soon and you will have the result very soon, which will save your from any further sinning based on your religion. If a man is good and a he man, he will not take two years to take a decision about marriage. RK

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