• I would wish them every luck for the future. They may even be content with their future lifestyle. However, when they are only just getting by on a low paying occupation, then they will regret their decision.
  • If it were MY teenager, I'd say "Fine. Hope you can afford an apartment with that great job you'll get bagging groceries at Kroger." If it were any other person's teenager? Hey, their choice. Good luck to them.
  • I'd say too bad! My kids are staying in school until they graduate from high school if I have to drive them down there, walk them to every class, and sit outside their classrooms all day to make sure they don't leave. I will not have any of my children dropout of school. Once done with high school, it's entirely up to them - but if they don't continue to go to school full time their days of free room and board are over.
  • I'd bring them to meet with other high school drop outs and people with no further education/training so they can see first hand how hard it is/can be to make ends meet. Possibly working long hours at a dead end job and your income still never seeming to be enough to cover the basics of life, let alone anything extra. And maybe also bring them to meet with people of the opposite, who went on to further education and training and the opportunities they have in life and the open doors.
  • my friends mother brought her a car to stay in collage. i'm not saying you should be that extravegant - but maybe reward them with money for every semester/term they atay in collage? say £100 or something - or tickets to see a band they want to see?
  • Is busting your butt for minimum wage the rest of your life more to your liking? OK, go for it. There is lots of work out there for you. I just hope you don't have any desire for a family or any "material" security of any kind. That may sound ok now, but you won't be sixteen very long. You will get older and older, and your wants and needs will change. But you may not be able to. Think, kid,..think!
  • They will find out soon enough how it is without an education. All anybody can do is explain it to them and leave them to do the rest.
  • I would introduce them to my cousin Bobby. He quit school to get a job. He now holds down two full time jobs and one part time. They are all just barely over minimum wage, and he is constantly tired and worried about money. He feels okay about telling any child who will listen how important it is to stay in school, so by the time my kids are old enough, the will probably have already heard from him.
  • I'd say take your GED and if you pass it ok, then go get yourself a job and start paying rent. tough love.
  • Great, send me your new address when you quit school so I can forward your bills :o))
  • I'd take them on a field trip to the local social aid office and let them sit in the lobby for about an hour. Then I'd welcome him to his future.
  • 8-26-2017 I see a lot of that, and I always advise them to get some acting classes with emphasis on vocal skills such as drama or story telling. That improves earning power more than any other detail. And if you combine it with a book of poems by Elizabeth Browning, it gets you girlfriends, too.
    • Jewels Vern
      BTW if more teens would do that, you would see major panic in the high school industry. (Yes, the a@@holes consider themselves an industry.)

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