• Faulty thermostat is the most common culprit. I used to service central units and it was more common for the furnace to stay on all the time than to not work at all, and the thermostate was usually to blame. There was one time that the relay that is pulled in (turned on) by the thermostat got stuck on but that was once out of a hundred service calls
  • Does the temperature get very high, like higher than what the thermostat is set at? If the furnace keep coming on and the temperature is going over what you set it at, then it could be a zone valve that is bad. If the room never gets warmer than what the thermostat is set at then the thermostat could be bad.
  • The regulator thingy is broken. You will save a lot if you get a repair man in right away.
  • My heat isn't running, but my cold air return fan is running non-stop. what could cause that? I reset the thermostat, tried tripping the breaker, tried turning off the furnace, but the fan always comes bake never resets...

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