• On my screen it is next to the address bar.
  • If you want to move it back where it should be check out this "hack" Bringing the Menus to the Top in IE7
  • Hey, what about Firefox?
  • "Contextual Go/Refresh button. When any URL is typed into the address bar, the button changes from "Refresh" to "Go" and when "Go" (or keyboard Enter) is hit, the button changes from "Go" to "Refresh". In this way the space taken by the toolbars is minimized." (the button is at the right end of the address bar) Source and further information:
  • I HATE IE7!!!! thank you for listening :)
  • You can't uninstall IE7 unfortunately, but you CAN install Opera and be much safer, you can edit it to the way you want it, it has more features built-in than you can ever hope IE7 to have, and you can expand the features with widgets. It's also much, much better at tabbed browsing and much, much faster. A test comparison done on Youtube (by me) with IE7, Firefox and Opera showed them to load the same video almost twice as fast in Opera (compared to IE7) and about 1/3 as fast compared to Firefox.

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