• I don't know which face to answer with!
  • Any man or woman that continually lies, even to themselves, may start to believe the lies are true. It is a real threat when keeping the real you hidden.
  • Depends on what face he spends more time wearing. But yes, I agree with that.
  • Two-faced anything or anyone would be very scary to me. They are not always obvious, of course...but over the course of a relationship, one discovers glimpses of "the other". If we are talking about someone who is shy among strangers but "loosens up" among family/friends, that is one thing. But if we are talking about someone who is kind to you, but the minute you turn your back, is unkind/mean, then that is not good and one should move away as fast as possible from such a person! No good will come, because the potential for harm will always exist from him/her! :)
  • if you wear your mask for too long you can start to forget that its a mask. i know from experience. sometimes the mask is nessecary, but you always have to remember who is the real you.
  • I believe this can be true. Your second face can become a mask that sooner or later gets molded over your real face, and you'll no longer see the person you once were in the mirror.
  • I agree. I've met many people who had been lying about some things for so long that they began to believe that the lie was truth, and the truth a lie.
  • I agree wholeheartedly! I know someone who has told lies to his friends and family to make himself look innocent and good. He forgot that there were others that know the truth. Now he believes his own lies and is astonished if someone questions him. This behavior has hurt peolpe around him a great deal and still he won't admit to the truth.
  • it sounds true to me
  • it sounds right to me
  • it sounds right to me too
  • that sounds about right to me

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