• Hi Jeff: I also own the KL2400. The short answer: You can't. The 2400 is, as far as I can tell, an odd, mongrel of a receiver, which has a few good features, but amazingly lacks other pretty basic ones - like tone amps. (Although, it should be noted here that all of your high-end audio amps don't have tone amps, either. The 2400 is not a high-end product.) I could't help but notice that the user's manual lacks a phone number, web address, email address or even a postal mailing address for questions. Not a good sign. You'll have to listen to your music "flat". Hope this helps (
  • I have a KLH 2400. On mine, the bass and treble buttons are on the remote. Press either one, and then adjust with volume button. Now, if I could figure out how to do presets for radio? Anyone have a manual?

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