• I wrote to a pen pal somewhere else in the country when i was younger, but they never wrote me back so I gave up.
  • I had a penpal for about two years, but they would never tell me anything besides thank you for the letter, so I too, gave up.
  • No, but I'm fond of a marker... and I have a crush on a stapler at work.
  • No, I was always to lazy to write back. :P
  • Yep! He's in prison! :D
  • I don't, no. I used to be obssessed with the idea - I wrote into all the kids magazines answering, 'Julie from Cornwall' or 'Emma, a girly girl who likes pink' (yep, the adverts used to be genius). Nobody ever wrote back though. Does anyone want a penpal? I'm offering.....luls.
  • I have several pen pals. I started writting inmates for some research I was doing but ended up becomming friends with them. I like inmates the best because they are more interesting and they usually will write at least until they get out. I feel pretty good about making them feel better and giving them something to look foward to. There are many inmate pen pal sites.mail bag, beyond the wall etc. I like because you can also ask questions.
  • yes and now he is my mate
  • I have had penpals all my life and before the internest. I wrote to people all over the world and it was exciting. I still have a French penpal online, we have written for years. I met my British boyfriend online and we wrote emails frequently before we met:)
  • Not currently. When I was in 6th grade I had a pen pal from the Philippines. She started sending me pictures of her dad - just military pictures, nothing nasty, but I thought it was weird that there were never pictures of her, so I stopped writing.
  • yes, i have a couple of thenn

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